2. Record

Record your part with your smartphone

We have divided the project into 16 sections. You don't have to play all the sections, but we'd be happy to have as many as you can record.

To make sure your recording goes well, we recommend that you pay attention to a few points in the preparation:


ℹ️ Make sure to always use the links on our website because we might update the videos with more instruments.

👀 Watch the conductor's video to understand transitions, fermatas and additional information about the lyrics.

🎻 Tune your instrument to 443Hz.

🎧 Listen with headphones as you record.

📱 Set up your smartphone in landscape mode next to your sheet music and conductor's video

🎙 If you can, record your audio with a good microphone or audio recorder (e.g. Zoom) in addition to your video, but your smartphone will do as well.

🎩 Be creative in your choice of background, cropping or fun accessories.

🗣 You don’t need to read out the words in your sheets, unless it’s shown in the video

😱 A part is too hard for you? Skip it!

🤩 Take a deep breath and simply record! It will look great at the end.

How to take part